Sunday, 27 February 2011

America- International Crappy Friend

If you ever had a friend who was going through a rough patch and decided to drink the pain away, and watched as he slurred his words, fell over, and vomited an entire chicken curry into a toilet bowl, would you pour him another drink? I'm going to assume you said you wouldn't pour another drink, and if you would your a crappy friend.

Israel is Americas obnoxious drunk friend, falling around and fucking things up, and America is Israels crappy friend, always enabling, pouring another double shot of Vodka and shouting "CHUG CHUG CHUG" in Israel's ear; each year handing out billions of dollars worth of military aid, and making those troublesome little violations of international law just disappear

Its crazy watching from the outside as Israels biggest ally in the region topples and falls despite the incredible wall of American tax money that has held it up for years. Across the middle east people have stated an almost unanimous "FUCK THIS SHIT!", no more American military investments, no more tyrannous leaders enslaving our thoughts and suppressing our freedom, no more sitting down quietly and watching as our country is ravaged by a puppet government.

Its amazing to think that the spark to the middle east's forest fire of rebellion was simply one word, "no." Defiance has lead to revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Iran and Libya. I like to think that remaining defiant and questioning everything is a practice that should remain active throughout your life, and i always say that when you are trying to make change, whether that be fighting for civil rights or fighting for your right to sponge baths, its the little victories that count.

This little victories concept was defined for me in a radio interview i heard just before the Iraq war. Basically a bunch of young Scottish children had a sit down protest in the Scottish Parliament buildings reception. Of course, a bunch of children holding a protest was a journalists wet dream so there were tonnes of media outlets attending. after a few hours this smarmy, pedantic prick of a BBC radio journalist asked one of the children, "What do you think a bunch of children in Scotland could possibly do to prevent a war in Iraq?" and this Scottish child responded to this fool with more sense then any politician or press officer possibly could and said "Well, if six is old enough to be bombed to death in Iraq, well then 8 years old is enough to try stop it in Scotland."

Little victories my friends, little victories. America, next time Israel tries to drive home drunk, be a good friend, take their fucking keys...

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