Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fox Evicted from Penthouse

A loada rich dudes in london are currently building "The Shard", a skyscraper in London and found a fox living on the 72nd floor!!

The fox had been up there for about 2 or 3 weeks living on scraps of food left over by builders. Apparently this little ninja fox would have to climb the 945 feet tower by using 71 sets of stairs and a ladder to get to his layer.

A pest control group gave the fox a health check and then released him near London bridge. The tower is basically a hub for over acheiving, silver spoon bearing rich kids and will have offices, a hotel, viewing galleries, bars, restaurants and luxury apartments.

Personally, I think if this fox was smart enough to climb a ladder they should give him a fucking room in the building, considering they probably built this tower on top of his house. The majority of people who will avail of this building wont know what a ladder is, or fear their armani suits might get stuck in them, this fox doesnt even have thumbs and he could master it...

London is home to many an urban fox, but apparently many London dwellers have taking to culling foxes. Apparently people are getting pissed at these furry fellows because they rip open bins and make noise in the night....Thing is...they were kind of there before you, even the name "urban fox" makes no sense. They are only urban foxes because you happened to build a fucking city around them!

In August 2006 the BBC did a piece on a south london couple who had spent £1000 in attempts to remove foxes from their property...words cannot descripe my hatred...

Basically whats happened here is like me coming into your house and saying "ehm sorry, this is my house now, can you leave" and then me sleeping in your house all the time and being pissed because you wouldnt leave, and then me spendin a bitch load of money to have you removed....

Sense, where hast then hidden!

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