Saturday, 19 February 2011

Supply and demand...You sicken me.

Yes, I have arrived. Although my immeasureable hatred for bloggers such as that "Perez hilton" cunt has kept me away from blogging, my ever flowing love for monetary gain has over come my  previous qualms.

Its not neccessarily that i hate blogs or bloggers, in fact The Huffington Post is bitchin' Hot, its more a sense of distaste at this incredible need we have for publicity!

Everyone nowadays is craving limelight, from demi-celebrities whipping their minge out when popularity drops or some fool dousing himself in gasoline because his wife found a better man, we all crave attention.

And the nation of the world (well the western world) always blame things on the media, "oh the media these days are just feeding these drunken sluts the attention they crave". But its not the medias fault, if the everyone was interested in politics, the TV would only show politics, if people were only interested in calculators, magazines would only show calculators, but because we are interested in the vaginas of drunken teen whore, the media only shows us the vaginas of drunken teen whores.
At the end of the day, the worlds media are purely interested in money, they dont care about truth or justice if we dont care about truth or justice, its all supply and demand.

BUt anyway, everyone is constantly trying to have their opinions shown. From the ranting lunatic on your street corner to the highst paid politician (although the differences are slight) people just want to be heard. Like opinion polls! Constantly we are force fed these bullshit questions to whic NOBODY has an answer!

"What are the chances of a terrorist attack on london in the next year"
"Very Likely"
"Very Unlikely"

In all these polls there should be another option that reads....
"I dont have a fucking clue because you just pulled me off the street, im fat, poor, lonely and have no military, political or tactical background, im not involved in Al Queda, the IRA or the Taliban, i cannot possibly give you a knowledgeable or informed answer without a monstrous amount of research, which due to my current state of employment may take some."

So, basically thats why i havent started a blog before now...


  1. well, now's the time to start! haha but i laughed at your post. that girl is sooo pretty too!! im jealous =(

  2. tldr;
    i liked the picture though :D